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Çevre Sokak No:11/A

Çankaya - Ankara

Tel: (0 312) 468 14 11 - 426 35 65 - 468 14 84
















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SUBAŞI Kebab Restaurant

is known for it's authentic Turkish food. 

 The service is always friendly and salads and appetizers are perfectly prepared and the entrees are mouth-watering  and full of flavor.





SUBAŞI has won the approval of not only the Turkish people but the visiting foreigners as well as the members of the diplomatic corps and become known as a place for exceptional quality through its rich, delicious menu, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service over the

last 26 years.

Note About Turkish Kebabs:

Kebabs are various different kinds of meat dishes in Turkish Cuisine.

 The most common type of meat is lamb or veal & they are mostly grilled.. The meat is first marinated with some spices, olive oil and become much softer.

It's usually served with fresh vegetables, salads, rice or bulgur rice.


The well-known examples of kebabs are Shish-kebab (made of lamb or chicken grilled on skewers), Adana Kebab (spicy meat patties on skewers), Urfa Kebab (non-spicy form of Adana Kebab), Doner Kebab, Tandir Kebab (pit roasted lamb), Ali Nazik Kebab (browned meat on eggplant pureé with garlic yoghurt), Begendi Kebab   (chunks of beef and onions cooked in tomato sauce, served on egglant pureé) .

While having your drink and waiting for your

choice of Kebab to be grilled,

you can feel the cosy and warm atmosphere


(seats around the grill)

Bon Appetit!!


Special seating arrangements and menu proposals to suite a special occasions like Official dinners & gatherrings or birthday parties, Anniversaries, Engagement and Wedding parties

can be done upon request.

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