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About Us


Kemal Milaslı was born in Beypazarı, an old town near Ankara in 1907.     When he was 13 he started to work as an apprentice with local tailor Ahmet Ceyhan.   After working three years with him, he decided to go to Istanbul to improve himself.   There he started to work with a Greek master in Beyoğlu (Pera), where he learned the higher scale tailoring and had the opportunity to meet and work with sophisticated people.   After 5 years in Istanbul he went to Eskişehir for his military service at the air force in 1932.   He was 25 when he decided to go and make a new start in Ankara, the capital of the young Turkish Republic, with two workers in a single room apartment, he started to work for “Milas” and “Makridis” who were the most famous tailors in Ankara, on basis of number of work completed.   After a while, neatness of his work drew their attention, and in 1934 they offered him partnership to work together.   Due to the nationalization policies of the government, which caused some difficulties for other citizens during that period, Milas and Makridis decided to leave business and go back to Greece, and they sold their shares to their young  partner, whom they were sure will be the most successful after they leave.

By the introduction of surname law, the same year he adopted the surname “Milaslı’ due to respect to his master and inspired by his master's name which was also a town in southwest Turkey.   So, in 1935 he started to run the business under the name “Kemal Milaslı’’.    Since then atelier Milaslı dressed many important personalities and famous statesman such as İsmet İnönü, Celal Bayar, Adnan Menderes, Pope John XXIII, Fahri Korutürk, Nihat Erim, Bülent Ecevit and many more.   In 1977, at the age of 70 he retired from active tailoring leaving the administration of the firm to his deputy Mr. İbrahim Türkaslan.  

However he continued to attend personally to his old customers until his death in 1993.

Since then, “Milaslı’’ atelier continued it’s trend of dressing important personalities by president Haydar Aliyev of Azerbaijan, Deputy Secretary General of United Nations Sir Kieran Prendergast, Professor  İhsan Doğramacı and others.

As from March of 2006 Atelier “Milaslı’ has moved to it’s new address in Çankaya under the administration of Grandson ‘Kemal Milaslı’ to continue it’s tradition since 1935 and blend it with the modern fashion of the 21st Century.

Our Services


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  • Men's Suits

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Why Custom Tailoring?

People often wonder why they have to choose custom-tailored products rather than ready-made products. Imagine the ease and tremendous benefits of having exactly what you have in mind!!! For ready-made clothing, the choices are always restricted and the size never exactly fits your body. But for custom tailoring, every single inch of the garment is especially made for you. You can always choose to use your favorite fabric and design. You can mix and match different combinations of pocket designs, buttons, or may be even add a special hidden passport pocket somewhere conveniently. We will make your garment according to your very own taste and need. For certainly you would rather spend money on something that fits you best and that you like the most!

Our Store & Our Staff

Discover the Elegance with Comfort & Distinction





Having a suit custom made to your personal specifications requires a meticulous hand-crafted process.


Each garment is experty tailored, and cut, sewn and finished by our skilled craftsment.


Your measurements are re-checked each time we receive your order to allow for any variance in wieght and your cutter's pattern is updated accordingly






A custom tailored shirt, suit, or jacket from Kemal Milaslı, will fit you like no other.


Everything we create for you is individually hand cut —

an art we still value.


The cut is made to your exact measurements and style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:      How can I make my suits last longer?

Q2:      How long should a good suit last?

Q3:      What makes a suit look worn out?

Q4:      Why do suits go shiny?

Q5:      Is it acceptable to wear the same suit twice in a week?

Q6:      How should I care for my suit when traveling?

Q7:      Do you do alterations?

Q1:      How can I make my suits last longer?

The life span of a suit depends on three main factors:

  • The number of suits you own

This factor is by far the one that has the biggest affect on durability. If we assume you have to wear a suit 5 days a week, if you only own three suits, two of them are going to be worn twice every week assuming you are rotating them correctly. Furthermore if only one of those suits is light enough to be worn in the hottest summer months, you are going  to end up wearing it every day for up to two months.  

This can mean that the suit is worn out after one summer. 

Ideally anyone who wears a suit 5 times a week should have at leastn seven suits: 1 winter weight for those ‘below zero’ days, 4 year-round medium weights that will be worn the majority of the time and 2 summer weight suit

S that can be rotated during July and August. 

Anyone who flies to hot countries extensively on business will need more than 2 lightweight suits.

One way of imprving durability without buying so many suits is to buy an extra pair of trousers. Typically the trousers will tend to wear out first as the jacket is often remov d at work.

If the trousers are rotated then the suit will take far longer to wear out.

·        Where and how often you have them cleaned

Suits do not benefit from being cleaned and it does shorten their life. As a result they should be cleaned as seldom as possible.  

Dry cleaning can seriously affect the life of a suit; therefore, if the suit is to last, it must be done properly.

High Street dry cleaners will clean your suit with other garments that could include riveted jeans, studded leather jackets etc.. that can damage the fabric. The suit may also suffer if pressed at too high a tempreture.

To ensure your suit is dry cleaned carefully we would recommend specialist dry cleaners. As the garments are sponged and spot-cleaned individually rather than thrown into a drum. Staff in these establishements are also well trained and know how to handle and press a suit correctly.

·        How you look after your suits

You have invested in your suit so if you want your suit to last you must treat it with respect. Do not put heavy items in the jacket pockets, as it will pull the suit out of  shape. Why not put your Blackberry, wallet, chequebook etc.. in your brief case or trouser pockets? If you ride a motorbike or push bike this will also reduce the life of your suit.


Q2:      How long should a good suit last?

This is an impossible question to answer as it depends on how many suits you own and how well you look after them  but as a general guide, anything between 3 and 8 years.




Q3:      What makes a suit look worn out?

Take a close look at the suits in your wardrobe. Do they still have a shape or do they hang like an old sack? Are they starting to go shiny or threadbare in certain places?   These are the usual signs that a suit is worn out.    If any of your suits look like this they are probably more comfortable that career enhancing.

 It is important to examine how suits wear out in order to avoid it happening.

When a soft fabric like wool is constantly rubbed against a hard surface, the fibres break and this shows visibly. Eventually a suit will just look too worn out to wear. 

Consequently it’s a good idea to look at the kind of seat  you are sitting on. Many office chairs have hard polyster meshing upholstery, which isn’t all that good for wool. 

Remember that many people spend most of their day sitting on the same chair putting the trousers of a suit under extreme pressure.  

If you take a cigarette break three times a day and you always rest on the wall outside your office, the seat of your trousers will wear through quickly. If this is the case it is advisable to order an extra pair of trousers to extend the life of your suit. 

 Try to avoid loading up the jacket of your suit with too much clutter. This pulls it out of shape and spoils the silhouette.



Q4:    Why do suits go shiny? 

That horrible shiny look that usually appears on the seat of a pair of trousers is caused by the dry cleaners pressing the garment too hot and drying out the natural oils inherent in wool. A bad dry cleaner can also turn your suit shiny by mixing the chemicals badly.



Q5:    Is it acceptable to wear the same suit twice in one week?

There is nothing wrong with a suit being worn twice in the same week, especially if those days are a few apart, but obviousely the more oftn a suit is worn, the shorter is life span. Try to avoid wearing a suit two days in a row. If you own at least 5 suits and you rotate them properly, they should last a decent length of time.



Q6:    How should I care for my suit when travelling?

When driving, always remove your jacket and hang it on the clothes peg above the rear passenger door, or lay it flat on the back seat of the car. Otherwise seat belts can wear a shiny band across th top of your suit. 

When travelling overseas on a business trip a suit should be carried in its suit carrier and stored in the overhead compartment. If you are going on a business trip that requires you to arrive wearing your suit, wear casual clothing on the plane and then change into your suit whilst waiting for your luggage. The suit will be far less creased if you’d worn it on the plane.



Q7:    Do you do alterations?  

We will alter garments that are not Kemal Milaslı suits however as our tailors are professionally trained and experienced. This service is only free for people that have actually bought a suit from us. 

For more information about our products and services, feel free to contact us or visit our location.

Our staff will be pleased to help you in any way that they can.

Thank you for your interest in our store and have a great day!

Çankaya Cad. No: 16/3 Çankaya - Ankara

Tel: 0 312 442 15 33 - 0 312 442 15 43