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Oturma odanızda veya salonunuzda doldurmanız gereken bir köşe var ise "KÖŞE KOLTUK DÜNYA" sındaki yatak olabilen köşe koltukları tam size göredir.


And corner sofa beds will save valuable space in smaller rooms as the will fit perfectly into the corner of a room.

"Corner Sofa World" offers stand alone corner sofa beds as well as corner sofa beds with additional storage

that will save you even more space – all in a superb variety of materials and designs.

All of our corner sofa beds come with storage as standard,

this means that you can store your bedding under the seats when the bed is not in use;

it's also handy for storing other items too!


If you are looking for a corner sofa or corner sofa bed with storage, You are in the right place!.

Our range includes a wide variety of designs to suit every style and size of your living room, bedroom or conservatory.



So you require a generous sized sofa for the day plus a guest bed in the evening ?

Well the "Corner Sofa World"'s delux corner sofa bed could just be what you're looking for.

The sofa bed with storage for bedding gives ample space to lounge about on during the day -

 should you require the bed position this is reached in seconds - the full area including the seat cushions is used as a generous size bed.

With space at such a premium in many new apartments and modern homes, the "Corner Sofa World"'s corner sofa bed is destined to put every last square metre to functional use. To ensure a comfortable fit into your home, the corner sofa is supplied in two pieces for ease - the two sections simply clip together when in situ.

Available in a wide choice of sueded fabrics.