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Nenehatun Cad. No:52

G.O.P. - Ankara

Tel: 0 312 446 06 72 - 0 312 446 20 17








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Hand woven, authentic Carpets & Kilims of High Quality

With Reasonable Prices..


More than 35 Years Experience, UÇAN HALI has become the Centre of

Expertise and Information about the Oriental Carpets & Kilims..



Uçan Halı offers great variety of Carpets & Kilims which appeals

To different Taste and Needs & Continue to Guarantee Quality.. 

Caucasus Karabag Kilim "40-50 years old"



Regional Carpets

Modern Carpets

Silk Carpets

Silk Kilims


Antique Carpets

Antique Kilims

Antique Fragments


Caucasus Kazak Carpet "70-80 years old"

Persian Keshan Carpet "60-70 years old"

Antique design, new Ushak carpet

Antique design, new Ushak carpet

Anatolian Cappadocia Carpet "120-130 years old"

Caucasus Shirvan Carpet "90-100 years old"

Around 1000 Unique and Invaluable Samples of the

18th & 19th Century Works of Antique-Old Carpets and Kilims, Fragment Collections Exist in Our Gallery..

Our stock of Carpets and Kilims is wide enough

to cover all kinds of orders..


We have experts for Carpet Repair & Cleaning too..


All products has been guaranteed by

trademark “UÇAN HALI”.


Anatolian Sharkoy Kilim

"1857 dated"

Anatolian Malatya Kilim

"100-110 years old"

Anatolian Malatya Kilim

"110-120 years old"

Anatolian Sivas Kilim

"40-50 years old"

New Pure Silk Hereke Carpet

Turkoman Ersari Carpet

New Pure Silk Hereke Carpet


Anatolian Taşpınar Carpet "130-150 years"

Anatolian Yahyalı Carpet "140-150 years old"

Antique Design, New Shirvan Carpet

New Pure Silk Hereke Carpet

Antique Design, New Shirvan Carpet

 Our firm,established in 1975 by Ebubekir Üçtepe, has been since then involved in exporting and importing both antique,

old and new carpets-kilims as well as producing the new ones.

With its rich collection of carpets-kilims and regular organization of auctions, it has also become the centre of expertise

and information about the oriental carpets and kilims.

Anatolian Reyhanlı Sack "80-90 Years Old"

Turkoman Salt Bag "40-50 Years Old"

Turkoman Open Sack

"90-100 years old"



Gaziantep Kilim Sack

"50-60 years old"

Anatolian Kilim Cushions

"50-60 years old"

Reliable Trademark with 36 Years Experience & Culture..




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