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He was born in 1958 in Canakkale. After completing his primary and secondary school educations, he entered Kuleli Military High School in 1973. He graduated from Military Academy in 1980, which he entered in 1976 and graduated from Tuzla Infantry School in 1981. Following his various field duties in Istanbul, Cyprus and Siirt; he was appointed to work in the Turkish General Staff Social Services Department with a special assignment demand. He dealt with food and beverage services of 3.000 people for nine years and organized special dinners for high-level officers in the General Staff. He opened a restaurant with a theme of Turkish Cuisine, in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia in 1996. He carried out researches about various fish and sea foods and cooking techniques in many different countries in the world, including Skjuki, the famous fish market in the capital of Japan, Tokyo. He participated in numerous gastronomy exhibitions, and carried out a plenty of dinner organizations in abroad. He graduated from London College of Management which is affiliated to University of Cavendish in 2001.


In the same year, he opened Trilye which became the second addresses of worlds of diplomacy, business, media, university, politics, bureaucracy, tourism and gourmet in Ankara. On seeing the interest in a very short time in Trilye as a sea food restaurant in our country and in the world, he also wanted to share his knowledge and experience with the society via his column and publications. In this context, he has been publishing a quarterly gusto magazine named Trilye for four years. At the same time he has been writing in his column named “the second address” in Ankara and South supplements of Sabah paper on Sundays and Tuesdays.


Uzmez, being a member of Turkish Promotion Association, Kitchen Professionals Association, Turkish Tourism Investors Association, Chaine des Rotisseurs, Turkish-Chinese Friendship Association, Turkish-Russian Friendship Association; has been studying on five different files which he plans to publish as a book.


Uzmez is married to Mahmure Uzmez with who he works together in his works and he is the father of Koray who studies tourism in Bilkent University.











1 kg Trout
5 tbs butter
100 gr raw almonds
1 lemon's juice
1 tbs vinnegar
1 cup flour
Pepper and salt


Preparation Method
Wash and dry the trouts and open them like a butterfly.  Salt and pepper them and then flour the fishes.  Melt 4 tbs of butter and then fry first the skinless side of the fish for 3 minutes and then the other side for 2 minutes.

Dry roast the almonds in the oven.  After the trouts are cooked, take them out of the pan and strain the excessive oil.   Add the lemon juice on the fish.   In another pan, heat the remaining butter and the vinnegar.  Pour this sauce together with the roasted almonds on the fish.










1 kg alabalık
5 yemek kaşığı tereyağı
100 gr çiğ badem
1 adet limonun suyu
1 yemek kaşığı üzüm sirkesi
1 su bardağı un
Yeterince karabiber ve tuz


Alabalıkları temizleyip yıkayın, kurulayın ve kelebek şeklinde açın. Yeterince tuz, karabiber serpin ve una bulayın. Dört yemek kaşığı tereyağını tavada eritin, alabalıkların önce derisiz kısmını üç dakika, sonra diğer yüzünü çevirip iki dakika pişirin. Bademi yağ eklemeden fırına verin ve kavurun. Alabalıklar pişince tavadan alın ve süzün. Üzerine limon suyu gezdirin. Bir başka tavaya bir yemek kaşığı tereyağı ve sirke koyun, ısıtın. Hazırladığınız sosu kavrulmuş bademlerle birlikte alabalığın üzerine dökün. Afiyet olsun.