Museum of The State Cemetery

The State Cemetery and its museum, being found in Atatürk's forest-farm area which also contains the "Blacksea Pool" that had been done by the order of Atatürk in 1931 and restored in the programme of State Cemetery Construction, is placed on a hill overlooking Ankara. The Ministry of Defence, which is responsible for the building of the State Cemetery, also executes the care, repairing, restoration, enviromental arrangement and managing services of it.

The State Cemetery and its museum opened to public visit on 30 th August, 1988 by the state's ceremony. A monument named "Simge" (meaning symbol) and the graves of the presidents and commanders of the Independence War Surrounding it, exist. (in the structural totality of the state cemetery). Beside those, 3 seperate statue groups symbolizing the Independence War and development of the Turkish Republic, are laso exist.

The museum building consist of two parts; ground floor and basement. The belongings and documents of the presidents and commanders of the Independence War, are being exhibited. Anıtkabir is seen through the window placed on the east facade, when looked towards the main entrance of the museum. So a spiritual bond cours between the great leader Atatürk and his close armsfriends who are the commanders of the Independence War and the presidents who symbolize the continuity of the Turkish Republic, a photography exhibition on "The Independence War" and the belongings of the commanders and presidents provided from their heirs are being exhibited on the ground floor. All the books written by Kâzım Karabekir and a portrait of Atatürk painted by the mojor-general M. Hayri TARHAN, are worth seing, among the pieces exhibited.

The goods assured from the heirs of the presidents and commanders of the heirs of the presidents and commanders of the Independence War who are buried in the State Cemetery, are being exhibited in the basement; such as, uniforms, arms medals and honor medals, swords, whips, sword-walking stick, shoes, high boots and snow boots and some identity cards. There are interesting pieces which may lighten our near past history; such as, one of the flag documents consisting congratulation maccages thrown from the French airplanes on 29 th October, 1923, the day the Turkish Republic was declared.

A map bag and a whip belonging to the Greek Commander General Trikopis, and medals and honor medals given to our president and commanders from several countries, are other interesting pieces.

Also, a documentary archives film about "The Independence War" is shown by cinevision to the visitors, in the basement hall.

The museum is open every day, except Mondays, between 10.00-17.00 hours.

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