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..G.O.P. - Ankara

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YOUR Restaurant, Live Greek Music and Sirtaki, they are all in Ankara.


You might think that in Ankara there are many night life places to go.

It is surely beyond doubt that each and every place you go will offer you a different atmosphere and environment.

So what makes YOUR Restaurant different?


If you would like to eat an unforgettable dinner with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or friends

and at the same time taste Aegean Kitchen and feel the soft breeze of Aegean

by listening Greek Music and sirtaki, you will for sure come to YOUR Restaurant.


In our Restaurant, you will taste our delicious salads, fish, hors d’oeuvres, and alcohol

and at the same time you will get the pleasure of not only listening Aegean and Balkan music

but also experiencing Sirtaki.



You will feel like you are in a Greek Pub and never forget the taste of our food.

In YOUR Restaurant, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day, birthdays, mother of father day

or even you can come together here for your business meetings or gatherings.



You may choose to come here for dinner or you might just stop by to have a drink.

YOUR Restaurant will become one of your favorite places.

We are here to celebrate together your special nights and moments.



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Every Day

12.00 Until the Last Guest Leaves

(Serves Lunch and Dinner)


G.O.P. - Ankara

Tel: 0 312


Fax: 0 312

All Credit Cards including

Visa, Mastercard, American Express