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SUMERMAN International

Moving & Relocation Co., Ltd.

Ankara Office

Tunus Caddesi No:40/7,  Kavaklidere - Ankara

Tel:  +90 312 468 55 16 (4lines) ıııııFax: +90 312 468 16 88


Istanbul Office

Menekse Sokak No:1,  Ferahevler, Tarabya - Istanbul

Tel: +90 212 223 5818 (4lines) ıııııFax: +90 212 223 9369



About Us

Pet Relocation

How to Measure Your Dog

A = Length of animal from nose to root of tail.

B = Height from ground to elbow joint.

C = Width across shoulders.

D = Height of animal in a natural standing position from the top of the head or the ear tip, whichever is higher.

For dogs or cats traveling international or short nosed dogs determine the kennel size by:

Length = A + B
Width = C + 1in (3cm) x 2
Height = D + 3in (7cm)

For all other dogs and cats, use:

Length = A + B
Width = C x 2
Height = D

For kennels containing 2 dogs or cats, use the size of the largest animal to determine kennel size.

The length and height are determined the same as for a single animal and multiply C + 1in (3cm) x 3 or C x 3 respectively to determine the width.

Required Documents for Pets




  • Pet passport

  • Health Certificate of the pet from exporting country

  • Vaccination Report ( Rabies Vaccination records should be min 30 days maximum
    1 year prior to the flight)

  • Arrival of pets should be on weekdays between 09:00-15:00. Overtime fees apply
    for late arrivals

  • Arrival of pets should be notified at least 1 week prior to the shipment

  • In case consignment include endangered species as described in the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species
    of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), regulation should be checked with our office at least 4 weeks prior to shipment


  • Pet Passport

  • Vaccination Report ( Rabies vaccination should be min 30 days maximum 1 year prior to the flight)

  • Veterinary Health Certificate

  • International Health Certificate

  • International Export License

Import regulations vary by country.

Some of the countries have very strict import regulations.

In order to get accurate information shipper should better contact our office.