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MyLab Family Health Center

Diagnosis and Check Up Center & Laboratories Group

Dr. Meltem Özen

Tunus Cad 79/3 - 1st Floor Kavaklıdere Ankara

Tel: (312) 468 68 95

Fax: (312) 468 68 96

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At My Lab Family Health Center:

  • You and all members of your family will be thoroughly examined.

  • Your examinations, vaccinations, check-ups will be organised according to your complaints, age, sex and genetic or personal risk factors. 

  • You will be reminded about the necessary periodical  follow-ups and free advisorship service will be given.

At My Lab Family Health Center:

  • 80% - 90% of your health problems will be solved by the Family Health Practitioners.(Internal Medicine Infectious Disease Specialist, Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialist)When the view of another specialist doctor will be necessary, My Lab Life System will forward you to the specialist doctor and will continue to keep track of all records of the patient.


MyLab Life Membership System:

  • For 1 Year

  • You can apply to our doctors for free consultancy, examination, diagnosis, treatment and

    follow-up.  When necessary, you will be sent to necessary specialist doctors to be examined

    in their private clinics.

  • You will get a  discount in your medical examinations at Mylab.

  • Your health will be under the control of  My Lab Life Membership System

  • And the yearly membership price is only 70 YTL

About Us:

MyLab family health center Diagnosis and Check Up Center & Laboratories Group was established by Dr. Meltem Birol Özen.(İnternal Medicine İnfectious Disease and Clinical Microbiology Specialist).

Dr. Özen was born in London in 1964 and having studied in Canada, TED Ankara College, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine and Ankara Numune Hospital, worked  in hospitals and private health centers for 20 years.



A Brand New Solution to Pains......


A Turkish Scientist brings rapid, safe and effective solution to pains in one session by a diagnosis and treatment system called G (Neuromuscular) Therapy which has been approved by US, EU and Turkish patent offices.


Pains Which Can be Cured by G-Therapy are:

Back Pains (lumbago, hernia etc.), Headaches (migraines), Meniscus

Tennis Elbow, Sports Disabilities, shoulder, back, arm, leg and joint pains

The Treatment is made by G-Therapy Experts under the supervision of physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Experts


G-Therapy is a permanent solution for pains... Has No side effects...


For Further details please call: 468 68 95


  1. Check Up for ages 40 and below

  2. Check Up for Women 40 and above

  3. Check Up for Men 40 and above

  4. Cardiological Check Up

  5. Thyroid - Goitre Examinations

  6. Cancer Research Inspections

  7. Examinations for Alcohol Consumers

  8. Examinations for Smokers

  9. Examinations for Anaemia Disease

  10. Check Up for Hepatitis A, B, C

  11. Breast Cancer Research for Women

  12. Prostate Cancer Research for Men

  13. Researches for Diabetes

  14. Check Up for Children

  15. Obligatory Vaccinations

  16. Control of Sexually Transmitted Diseases


G R A P H I C A L   E X A M I N A T I O N S


Coloured Doppler and Ultrasonography (USG) inspections are executed by specialist doctors using the latest technology under the light of up-to-date information.



It should not be forgotten that, although Osteoporosis is a secretly progressive disease, treatments are available to stop it.  


Bone densiometry is neither difficult nor a preparation is necessary.


Early diagnosis of breast cancer, which is frequently seen in women, is as important as its treatment.  It is possible to diagnose breast cancer by mammography.   According to World Health Organisaton, mammographical inspections should be made to women according to the recommendation of the doctor between the ages of 40 and 50 and once a year after the age of 50.



 All direct graphical inspections (Pulmonary, heart, sinus, joint graphics)





Electrocardiography, Holter (24 hour blood pressure monitoring,

24 hour ECG monitoring), Treadmill test.



Our laboratory is a member of International Quality Control Standards and all inspections are made with our experienced  specialised staff.

 All hematologic, biochemical, immunological blood tests, all urine analyses, bacterial cultures, microbiologic tests, pathology and cytology tests are performed.

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