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Kalecik Wines

The only place where you can discover the real taste of KALECİK KARASI!!!



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  • Kalecik Karası 2003

  • Öküzgözü 2003

  • Boğazkere 2003

  • Öküzgözü-Boğazkere 2003

  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

  • Emir 2003

  • Misket 2004

Our factory produces boutique wine. The grapes that we use for wine production are the highest quality of their own region. Our Kalecik Karası wine, which is the most assertive of our products is being made from the grapes of Kalecik vineyard which are raised at the consultation of Ankara University Agriculture Faculty. Likely, the grapes of  our other products are  procured at their own region, from the vineyards which raise grapes of high quality for wine, after the necessary study is being done. At the production of wine, natural grape yeast is used. Our wines, in which we do not include additives, are fermented by becoming a united whole with their own aroma. That’s why all our wines are special, natural and high in quality. Shortly, our wines are the products of a fastidious and decent work until they reach to the customer.

Wine comes along with its culture.

We gathered this culture under the roof of Kalvi Club membership.  Without any conditions, in return of 6 bottles of wine, you can share and enjoy the privilege of good quality wine and

good quality service. 

To become a member, just fill in the membership form

and fax it to us.

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- Special Prices will be given to our customers who work at    Embassies and have VAT and ÖTV exemption cards.


- Customers from out of Turkey can order wines to be sent

   to an address in Turkey.  


- Special Packaging can be made to wines which will be    

  exported from Turkey.



The main sales outlet of our wines are our showrooms


Hoşdere Caddesi 90/A

Çankaya - Ankara


Tel : +90 312 440 16 61

Fax : +90 312 440 40 61

Our wines can also be found at elite wine boutiques, gourmet shops, restaurants and hotels

Kalvi Vineyard and Factory


Our factory is equipped with modern technology and is constructed on a land of 12 000 m2.  

The closed area of  the factory is 2.250m2 and is built in Ankara in the district of Kalecik

Come and sip our wine accompanied by delicious food prepared by expert chefs and discover our factory!

You can visit our factory with your family and friends, and can spend a nice weekend full of wine!!


In spring and summer visit our vineyards and in autumn witness the production of our wines!


Meşrutiyet Cd. 38/7 - Kızılay - Ankara
Tel: (0 312) 434 03 80

Fax: (0 312) 433 99 47



Emen Ağaç Mah. Alan Taran Mevkii

İstasyon Kümesi, No:17 Kalecik - Ankara
Tel: (0 312) 857 25 90

Fax: (0 312) 857 25 91


Hoşdere Caddesi 90/A - Çankaya - Ankara

Tel : (0 312) 440 16 61

Fax : (0 312) 440 40 61



Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No: 231/A - İzmir

Tel : +90 232 421 51 41

Fax : +90 232 421 54 64

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